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What is an ADU or an accessory dwelling unit?

ADUs are secondary homes on a residential property - most ADUs are small - like a tiny house, a cottage or a pool house. The good thing about ADUs is that they have their own living quarters, a kitchen, bedroom, living area, bathroom and a separate entrance. Although some ADUs are attached to the main house, most are built as a separate structure. ADUs can be used as an Airbnb income property, a rental property, a pool house, a mother-in-law's suite, a nanny's room or even just a separate living quarters as you need. Our ADUs are fully permitted by the city and will be tied into the grid and sewage.


3D printed ADU 

3D printed homes are revolutionizing the construction industry and making a loud noise around the world. 3D homes can make building homes faster, less expensive and more sustainable. This cutting edge technology has revolutionized the general idea of building ADUs and make the dream of becoming a homeowner more accessible. 


Our Process

 We bring the 3D printer to your house in pieces, set it up, and complete the construction on site at your premises. Since this is new technology, we will ensure that everything from start to finish will first be designed, engineered, permitted by your city, and constructed in a legal manner so that you can be comfortable knowing that your ADU building is aesthetically fitting, completely safe and structurally sound. We will work with the city before, during and after the process. 


Size and Cost 

During our complimentary 3d ADU consultation, we can assess your unique needs and decide what would fit just right on your property. After our complimentary consultation we will be able to provide you with an estimate on both size and cost.


Call us for a 3D ADU consultation (949) 209-2991 

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